Baja Rapid VMware vCenter Lab Manager v4.0.1.1233

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VMware vCenter Lab Manager v4.0.1.1233 | 87.94 MB

Provide on-demand access and automated management of the private cloud for dev/test with VMware vCenter Lab Manager. Application owners, development, QA, and training teams can deploy, capture and share multi-tier application environments in seconds while IT remains in administrative control. Lab Manager saves time, simplifies administration of fast changing environments and enables project teams to get to market faster.Features

VMware vCenter Lab Manager is the most trusted, proven and widely deployed lab management software in the world. Now in its 4th generation, Lab Manager leads the industry with best-in-class performance and scalability, seamless integration with vSphere and vCenter Server, more efficient use of storage resources and more automatedmanagement capabilities that simplify IT administration while delivering higher service levels for end users.

Self-Service Portal

Provide on-demand access to shared infrastructure for non-IT users to create, deploy and reconfigure multi-tier system configurations in seconds without IT involvement. Self-service management reduces administrative burden and infrastructure management costs for IT and empowers the business to execute company strategy, get to market faster and grow top-line revenue.

* Rapid Provisioning: Create, deploy and capture any conceivable system configurations in seconds.
* Configuration Management: Clone, transfer and share environments easily, take system snapshots, or restore a previous state.
* Web-based: Users control and interact with virtual machines via web browser from anywhere on the corporate network.
* Easy to use: Designed for non-IT users to get up and running instantly.

Image Library

Provides a central repository of virtual machine images for Lab Manager users. System configurations can be captured in state for quick deployment, archival and sharing with other users. The image library stores system configurations in a highly compact format, reducing storage footprints and containing storage growth.

* Linked Clones greatly reduce storage footprints by de-duplicating data in similar system images
* Storage Leases eliminate resource sprawl by reclaiming space from expired images
* Gold Master Configurations allow users to easily identify released images and other reference configurations
* Auto Archive capability simplifies export of system configurations to external datastores.
* Media Store provides a central repository of common installation files and OS images.


Simplifies delivery and administration of private cloud infrastructure, and enable end users to “consume” internal resources in a controlled and predictable manner. IT can dynamically allocate resources to multiple teams, projects and sites, enforce policy-based access control, and reclaims unused resources.

* Workspaces provide a single pane of glass for Lab Manager users to access, create and control system configurations available to them.
* Resource containers map dedicated or shared server, datastore and network environments to groups of users, and can be allocated dynamically or with fixed size.
* Roles & Rights provide granular access control to over 50 Lab Manager commands and properties.
* Quotas & Deployment Leases allow administrators to set policies for the number and length of concurrent VM deployments for users and groups.
* “Live Link” enables sharing of complete application environments as a single URL embedded in an email or bug tracking system.
* Network Fencing allows virtual machine configuration clones to be deployed simultaneously, preserving the original system settings without causing network conflict.
* Host Spanning allows network fenced configurations to be deployed across multiple physical hosts if the VM configuration is too large to fit on a single machine (requires vSphere Enterprise Plus)

Enterprise Scalability

Lab Manager 4 is architected to fit into nearly every environment and scale with the needs of the organization from local to global deployments supporting thousands of users and virtual machines. Moreover, Lab Manager provides industry leading performance and seamless vSphere platform integration to reap the benefits of VMware cloud capabilities. Flexible APIs and 3rd party integrations provide even higher levels of automation of repetitive, manual tasks.

* Performance optimized so virtual machine configurations can be created in seconds.
* Scalable architecture supports thousands of users simultaneously
* Seamless vSphere and vCenter Server integration lets you take full advantage of the VMware platform benefits
* LDAP support allows IT administrators to integrate Lab Manager with Active Directory and other user authentication systems
* Audit trail and change logs keep track of all user activities in the system
* 3rd Party Integrations available for HP Quality Center, Borland SilkCentral, and Microsoft Team Foundation Server
* SOAP API available for building custom scripts and integrations.

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